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About Us


Hey! We’re Cade & Sophia, co-owners of Lost Locals Media. We found each other by doing exactly what we do today, documenting our creative vision and attempting to inspire those around us. From the beginning, it’s been about attempting something daunting as creatives. We cast a large net, we don’t restrict ourselves or our talents, and do our best to lean into our personal abilities. Primarily, we are obsessive photographers. There isn’t a type of photography we don’t love, or can’t perfect. In addition, we are videographers, and there isn’t an emotion we can’t convey with moving images. Sophia handles LLM’s graphic design work with a keen eye, and Cade is an alchemist-like sound designer with a knack for epic compositions. We love our craft, and we can’t wait to share a piece of it with you!



As I was growing up in a small town called Clatskanie, the Pacific Northwest didn’t hide any of its beauty from me. My family has deep roots in the area, and a hundred acres that I call home. That land, my MANY animals, and the support system that kept me creative helped push me to pursue this lifestyle. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a creative project through… Outside of some snuggles from my puppers Zella & Dud or my horses Lucy & Louie! I handle much of Lost Locals Media’s graphic design, work with Cade on photos and video, and overall keep myself motivated with every step we take on this beautiful creative journey. It funds my house plant addiction, and that’s good enough for me. ;)



I didn’t spend very long in one spot, but as it turns out, that wasn’t a bad thing. From Arizona to Oregon, home for me became more about the company I kept than the home I was in. My dogs kept me active, my parents allowed me the space to be creative, and the world around me never failed to inspire. Movies, television, games… from the beginning, the internet itself and all American media became a big question to me. Why aren’t you creating something? Lost Locals Media is my answer. This is my dream job, and jittering from caffeine, I aim to inspire some kid in the middle of nowhere the way my idols inspired me. It funds Sophia’s house plant addiction, which I pretend to hate. ;)



We met doing exactly what we do today. Instagram might be where you expect to find a future business partner, but it isn’t where you expect to find the love of your life! Hah, every once in a while things go better than expected. This was certainly one of those times. I (Cade) saw one of Sophia’s moody and beautiful self portraits, which sparked serious curiosity. At the time we were both deep in the trenches of finding our creative identity. After exchanging messages for months, meeting, and going on our first date (disguised as a photo shoot)... we both knew this wasn’t going to be a temporary thing. Making beautiful art together became a mutual purpose that continues to carry us today.

When we think about crafting a beautiful portrait, recording the first take of a short film, making the first stroke on a new logo, or strumming the first chord on a new piece of music; The same values come to mind. We are using our toolset to create something incredibly impactful. We’re engineering a piece of art for our client to stand the test of time, and be cherished for years to come. The experience of working with us should come easy, as we do all the work behind the scenes to make your vision become a reality. Our models are treated the same as our families (of course one may know a bit more about posing, haha)! Our commercial business partners get the same Cade & Sophia as a couple asking for their romantic portraits. We believe in bringing our best to every client. Every story we get the opportunity to tell, big or small, is a true testament to the creative spirit. All of them mean the world to us, and we can’t wait to tell each of them, with your help!


Branch Manager Zella Rue (pointy ears), and Assistant Branch Manager Sir Dudwick Brown (floppy ears) work in tandem to keep our cluttered ideas from overtaking our better judgment as media creators. NOT an easy task.

They're the epitome of philanthropic workers, requiring but a pittance for pay, delicious food daily and play in the free moments between projects. 

Clearly, we enjoy our creatures. These two have been with us from day one, shedding, snuggling, drooling, fetching, posing, begging, snoring, tooting, zooming, and continually stealing our hearts daily. 

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