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Tell us, what video or photo set doesn't look better from the sky? Aerial views are unprecedented, and with our qualified pilot, we can take your project to... new heights. Sorry, we had to.





Our Drone packages are made simple, we start out with a Baseline Package for photo or video, and progress up for any needs you may have. Whether you’d like a detail based product advertisement, or short film of your property from the air, if you’d like it light and airy or dark and grainy; We’ve got you covered. Take a look, and let us know what YOU want! This includes commercial and brand advertisement, real estate, live events, music videos, and much more. Contact us to get started on planning your project!


Baseline Drone Photography & Video:

• Part 107 Certified Pilot

• Beautiful 4K footage, high resolution photos, all processed to our creative standards

• Work with us to establish your needs, and come out with the right drone package for you

• Travel to ANY location with cost to cover our bare minimum needs

• Versatile flying - to tell your story, capture your property, or just take a tour from the sky in a cinematic, beautiful visual language

• Professionally scripted, shot, edited, color graded, and scored Filmmaking

• FREE Consultation, in person, through email, or over the phone

• SIMPLE Online Booking and signing for your project

• Online Deposit Invoices sent straight to your email for easy payment



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